About me

I’m a husband and father of three living in Michigan. I’m an author and tech enthusiast. Most of my passion is dedicated to Bitcoin and other emerging technologies that have the potential to dramatically improve people’s lives.

Here’s a summary of why I’m so interested in technology: By turning information into a digital format and creating a network to share this information, we’ve challenged many of the existing institutions that have arisen over time to deal with problems that are no longer so difficult to overcome. We are still in the earliest stages of seeing technological change shift power away from existing institutions and to the individual, but I’m excited to both observe and participate in the process.

Contact me

I’m not very active on my Twitter account, but you can contact me there.

Or shoot me an email. My PGP key is here.

One thought on “About me

  1. Hi I just watched your you tube video here in East Sussex UK. I heard about Bitcoin for the first time about two years ago, which was also about the time I began to seriously consider a future for mankind without such tight and unfair government controls. I was getting familiar with some writings from the metaphysical society, formed here where I live now, in the 1940,s through to the ’60s before this incredible tech. revolution was envisaged as something for the people (it was known to be coming but was not considered to be anything other than government controlled). So yay! I am sharing and looking into the possibilities. So thank YOU for sharing with us, enjoy your Revolution and may love, peace and happiness follow you wherever you go! 😀

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